CT37stax – Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator

Flexible, modular design

The CT37stax high capacity incubator has been designed using the best features of the existing technology and incorporating these with a mix of innovative new features to provide a state of art new multi chamber benchtop incubator fit for the demands of the modern laboratory. The CT37stax’s unique modular design provides the flexibility for purchasers to invest in an incubator configured specifically to meet the demands of each individual laboratory.

Optimum environment for success

The CT37 stax incubator’s highly accurate environmental regulation system ensures optimal clinical conditions inside each individual incubation chamber, independently, minimising the stress placed on the cell under culture and increasing the chance of success. If required each individual chamber can be humidified independently to help prevent cell dehydration during incubation.

  • Temperature Range Ambient +5℃ to 40℃
  • Temperature Control Accuracy ±0.1℃
  • Temperature Uniformity ±0.2℃
  • CO2 Range 2.0 – 10.0%

Cost effective solution

The space saving design of the CT37stax incubator provides the highest dish capacity of any benchtop incubator currently available whilst using 30% less space in a laboratory. Its modular design allows the user to configure the incubator to meet the needs of the laboratory. Additional chambers can be added too, enabling the laboratory’s capacity to grow without the need to purchase a new incubator.

  • Uses 30% less lab space
  • Capacity for up to 72 petri dishes
  • Individually controlled chambers

Incubator management made easy

The CT37stax is supplied with the Planer Incubator Management Software (PIMS). This operates as both the full control interface for multiple CT37stax incubators but also can be used as a management system for all Planer incubators operated with the laboratory. The intuitive and user-friendly interface allows full control of multiple CT37stax units from a single PC anywhere in the laboratory.

  • Manage all your Planer incubators
  • Real time graphical display
  • Data logging of incubator parameters
  • User management
  • Alarm acknowledgement

Comprehensive protection built-in

The CT37stax incubator is packed with comprehensive alarm and monitoring features. Multiple parameters (temperature, gas flow, lid open, lid unlocked, power supply, carbon dioxide and communication status) of each incubation chamber are constantly monitored with audible and visual alarms, both locally on the incubator and via the PIMS application, alerting users to any issues.

  • Comprehensive on board alarms
  • Dual power supply protection option
  • External alarm connection
  • Access for truly independent monitoring

Improves workflow

The CT37stax multi chamber incubator incorporates many features designed to improve work processes and work flow in the laboratory. The incubator, even with all six incubation chambers installed, can be sited inside most flow hoods found in modern laboratories. Having the incubator situated next to the microscope reduces the risks associated with dish movement.

  • Operates inside most flow hoods
  • Reduces dish movement
  • Single handed loading and unloading

CT37stax - Multi Chamber Benchtop Incubator

CT37stax Specification

Parameter Specification
Number of incubation chambers 6
Size (Foot print) 440 x 440 mm
Dimensions 420mm wide x 270mm deep x 210mm high
Weight: docking station 14Kg
Weight: incubation chamber 3.5Kg
Maximum dish capacity:
35mm petri dish
60mm petri dish
Square multi well
Tray dish insert required  No, dish layout etched in chamber base
Patient capacity 36
Individual chamber control Yes
Temperature control range Ambient +5℃ to Ambient +20℃, Maximum incubator temperature setting 40.0℃
Temperature accuracy ±0.1℃
Temperature uniformity ±0.2℃
Heated lids Yes
Humidified chamber Yes via optional water tray
Gas input Pre-mix
CO2 Range 2.0 to 10%, Set via premix used
CO2 Monitoring Yes , via built in PetriSense or independently using external PetriSense
System control Via PIMS software on PC
Data logging software Yes via PIMS software
Alarm parameters monitored Temperature high and low; gas flow; power fail; CO2 level
Independent monitoring access Yes, via independent PT100 temperature sensor, pH and CO2 via PetriSense
pH Monitoring Yes using PetriSense
External Alarm relay output Yes
Power supply Dual External Power Supplies
Operating Environment Temperature Range: +5℃ to +40℃