LASERCare Service Plans


Hamilton Thorne’s LASERCare™ service plans offer economical and comprehensive coverage against unexpected repair costs and downtime. Three levels of service plans – Basic, Plus and Elite – are available for our clinical and research laser systems. The three-tiered plans give customers the flexibility to choose the features that best suit their needs.

The Plus and Elite service plans include a yearly on-site Preventive Maintenance (PM) visit to help control costs and maximize performance. By proactively replacing common wear and tear parts and thoroughly checking and cleaning the system, annual PM visits increase both system life and uptime plus reduce out of pocket expense.

Those who select our LASERCare Elite service plan benefit from the added security of receiving a loaner system in the event that their system needs to be returned to Hamilton Thorne for repair. This reduces downtime for your laboratory, which can be very detrimental to time-sensitive protocols.

All service plans include unlimited remote assistance and may be purchased for multiple year terms for maximum cost-effectiveness.

Laser Care Plan Chart