CELL-VU morphology slides

CELL-VU Morphology Slides, Prestained DRM-900CELL-VU morphology slides

Cell-VU® pre-stained slides combine conventional microscope slides and methylene blue and cresyl violet stains into a single, ready to use device. Cell-VU® pre-stained slides are designed for use in rapid staining and morphological assessment of undiluted spermatozoa. Each slide contains a dried layer of stain that allows for immediate visualization of sperm head, acrosome and tail. Undiluted spermatozoa are applied directly to the slide and a coverslip is placed over the sample. Cell-VU® can be used for World Health Organization and Kruger strict morphology assessment. Cell-VU® pre-stained slides can also be used for rapid cell evaluation from whole blood, CSF and urine samples. CV DRM-900  Supplied box of 75 slides.