Using ProInsert for viscous samples

ProInsert Diagram

With a viscous sample, it can take quite some time for the sample to pass through the hole in the insert. There is however no need to wait for it to pass, since the centrifugation itself will force it through. The final result will be the same as if all of the sample had passed… Read more »

Background information on GM508 Cult-Active – Ca++ Ionophore

Oocyte activation is characterized by a dramatical rise in intracellular calcium concentration. The initial step of the oocyte activation is triggered by a sperm protein (PLZzeta). The major event is the Ca++ release from internal calcium stores of the oocyte. This starts within a few minutes after spermatozoa and egg fusion. During ICSI, this trigger… Read more »

Tips & Tricks February 2020 – Can I prepare my gradient in advance?

Prep of PureSperm

We recommend the gradient to be prepared just before use. This will give a better preparation with a higher yield and more motile sperm. The interface between the upper and lower gradient layers is an important physical hinder where a lot of dead or immotile sperm and debris is found. This effect also occurs between… Read more »