Neubauer Sperm Counting Chambers & Coverslips

chamber-n-improved-brightline-with-v-06_500_30Neubauer counting chambers have for many years been the standard method used for semen counts both in human and animal ART.

Our Superior Counting Chambers are precise measuring instruments and are used for routine counts in laboratories world wide.

Our Counting chambers with V-slash at the exterior sides of the chamber facilitates the feeding of the capillary gap between chamber bottom and haemocytometer cover glass, this provides easier filling and reducing the risk of overflow. Catalogue No PM 0650030 Neubauer Improved, bright line depth 0.1 mm

Haemocytometer cover glasses are used to cover specimens in counting chambers. The cover glass is placed on the outer bearing surfaces and due to their flatness adheres very well. Thus it forms an exact capillary gap and defines the volume of the cell suspension over the counting grid.

Catalogue No PM 0350000