CellVision Microscope Chamber Slides

Cell Vision Cell Vision Slides

CellVision slides are ideal for replacing your time consuming standard haemocytometer or counting chamber with gridded cover glass.

Cell Vision

CellVision Slides are a premium tool for laboratories using a CASA system. Premium quality and exceptionally affordable, either the vertical or horizontal configuration will fit your needs perfectly.

A special glass coating prevents air bubble formation and eliminates the interaction between semen and glass. As a result our chambers show smooth sample fill. The precision and accuracy of our slides provide our users with accurate results.

All CellVision, glass disposable counting chambers are packed in hand synthetic slide-boxes (ABS), containing 25 slides and are priced per slide-box.

Easy to use

Cell Vision

Fill & Count glass slides with separate counting chambers and a fixed coverslip. Our slides fitted with counting grids have the same dimensions and identical image as re-usable haemocytometers. Also available without built-in grid for CASA systems.


Eliminates non-hygienic and time consuming cleaning procedures associated with re-usable counting devices. Reduces the risk of exposure to potentially infectious material.


Precise fixed depth counting chambers with superior accuracy and reproducibility at a very comfortable price level.

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