IVFtech Sterica vertical laminar flow cabinets are designed to protect the samples with a constant flow of clean air over the full surface area, and are specifically designed to meet the exacting requirements of IVF Laboratories. Ideal for “vitrification”, “ICSI” manipulation, “sperm collection” and Embryo manipulation.

Our Special Laminator/diffuser allows a uniform airflow at lower fan speeds. Which gives the fan a longer life as well a longer lasting HEPA filter. It also saves energy and creates less turbulence around the microscope.

The IVFtech Sterica cabinets can be customised to a very high specification providing a flexible back bone to your IVF laboratory.

We can also supply it in Stainless Steel or our own special HiMacs Surface which is easy to clean, scratch resistant, dent proof and comes in a range of colours.

We can even supply in three different fixed height stands and or an electrically adjustable one.

The maintenance of IVFtech Sterica, Javica and Classica is done from the front, no need for moving the cabinets, which in turn reduces downtime during service. This is a unique and special feature that differentiates IVFtech products/ workstations compared to many of the competitors.


Sizes are available in:
90, 120, 150, 180, 210 and 240 cm

Heights are available in:
700-750 mm, 800-850 mm, 900-950 mm and 705-1100 mm

Options for Sterile cabinet back wall:

  • Electrical plugs
  • Flow Meter
  • Monitor outside/inside
  • Preparations for incubator
  • Humidification system
  • Aspiration tunnel
  • Different Access ports
  • Magnetic Shelf
  • UV light front cover

Options table top:

  • Stainless steel or Himacs® table top
  • Standard heat 450 x 650 mm
  • Full heated 450 x 830 mm
  • Extra heat 450 x 200 mm
  • Extra heat 450 x 400 mm
  • Witness preparation flush
  • Anti-vibration
  • IVFtech heated glass
  • Table top integrated incubator
  • Cooling
  • Table top integrated Warming block
  • Pull out shelf in different sizes