DATAssure™ Wireless Monitoring System

A new monitoring generation

The DATAssure™ wireless monitoring system is used across a broad range of market sectors meeting the most stringent standards to assist customers to comply with HACCP, BRC, FDA and MRHA legislative requirements.

The system is standalone and connects directly to your business IT network with no need for any dedicated PC, server or specialist installed software. Data from the base station can be viewed direct on the colour touch screen or via a standard web browser.

The base station allows multiple secure connections and data can be viewed on multiple devices from PCs to tablets to mobile phones though its simple to use and intuitive web based interface.

System Overview

A typical system comprises of a base station, wireless sensors and where necessary wireless signal repeaters (range extenders). The wireless sensors are paired with the base station to form a secure communication network. If the wireless sensor is not in range of the base station, an optional wireless signal repeater can be added to increase the distance.

Multiple repeaters form a mesh network allowing the base station and sensors to communicate over long distances and in complex structures.
Each wireless sensor monitors the sampled factor (eg. temperature, humidity, pressure) and sends the reading each minute over the wireless network to the base station. The base station reviews the data against pre-set warning and critical alarm parameters as defined by you to generate alarm notifications.

All readings are stored in a secure tamperproof format for later review and creation of reports.

Software designed compliancy standard FDA 21 CRF Part 11 requirements for electronics records*
Data & Data Storage
Internal Memory Storage Period 150 sensors 6 months, 75 sensors 1 year, 30 sensors** 2 years
Data Back-Up Media Integral – 8 Gb Micro Industrial HD MMC
Back-Up Memory Storage Period 150 sensors 4 years, 75 sensors 8 years, 30 sensors** 10 years+
Back-Up Frequency Automatic – daily
Manual Back-Up Via Micro USB connection to a USB connected storage device
Battery Back-Up Yes
Operating Time on Battery Back-Up Up to 12 hours during normal system operation
Display – Resistive Full Colour Touch Screen Yes
Maximum Number of Sensor Inputs 150 wireless or hardwired sensors per base station***
Resolution of the Sensor Readings Integer to 3 decimal places as required
Wireless Frequency
433 Mhz (Europe) Yes
2.4 Ghz (ROW) Yes
Wireless Transmission Distance (open field)
433 Mhz 1 km (typically 250 meters in buildings)
2.4 Ghz 100 m (typically 30-50 meters in buildings)
Range Extender available Yes
Users & Security
Max Number of Users 20
Network Connectivity Yes
Username & Passcodes Yes
Passcode Expiry Yes
Multiple User Levels Yes
Data Storage Rate Automatic – daily
Browser Security HTTPS Capable
Email SSL Encryption Capable
System Alarms
Set Points Upper & Lower Warning & Critical Alarm Set Points
Alarm Delays User Defined
Audible Alarm Yes
Alarm Email Yes
Alarm Acknowledge Yes
Alarm Notes 20 notes per alarm
Relay Outputs 2
Alarms over IP Up to 3 IP Address
Inputs / Outputs
Micro USB Output Yes
Mini Din Input for External Hard- wired Hardware Yes
Universal 5 v DC power adaptor – 110 to 240 v Power Supply Yes


Technical Specification
Height, Width, Depth 175 mm (max), 157 mm, 40 mm (including wall plate)
Weight 317 grams (including wall plate & battery back-up)
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Storage Temperature 0 °C to +50 °C
Power Supply 5 V dc via an external universal power brick (supplied), discrete push button on/off function on base station
Operating System Embedded
Internal Memory 1 Gb high speed data flash
Back-up Memory Media 8 Gb industrial grade micro MMC
Display Full Colour 480 x 272 Resistive Touch Screen
LED Solid Green (main power, no alarms), Solid Red (mains power, with alarms), Flashing Green or Red (on battery back-up, with or without alarms)
Sounder Built-in buzzer (can be switched off in software)
USB Micro USB 2.0 (for manual data back-up)
Ethernet Built-in (2 meter cable supplied with unit)
Relay Outputs Relay 1: Volt free relay output providing NO & NC contacts Relay 2: Mossfet Switch
Mini Din Socket For connection to proprietary external hardware
Low Power Radio Module Yes
Frequency 433 Mhz (UK/Europe), 2.4 Ghz (ROW) – licence free bands
Power 10 mW maximum (433 Mhz), 14dbm maximum (2.4 Ghz)
Communications Bi-directional
Protocol Proprietary (433 Mhz), 802.15.4 Proprietary (2.4 Ghz)
Battery Back-Up Yes
Type Plug connection lithium ion rechargeable
Power Voltage 3.7 V
Capacity 2050 mA
Recharge Time 2.5 hours (from flat)
Test Cycle Advise monthly by removing system power

* Meets the standard for storage and review of data when used in conjunction with user defined procedures for FDA21 CRF Part 11 requirements
** Based on the average volume of sensors per system version sold in 2016
*** Existing Planer DATAcentre sensors are compatible with the equivalent DATAssure™ base station