PureSperm Articles & References

Comparative study of the effects of three semen preparation media on semen analysis, DNA damage and protamine deficiency, and the correlation between DNA integrity and sperm parameters.
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Recovery and survival of sperm is higher with PureSperm density gradient than swim-up in neat and cryopreserved-thawed semen specimen.

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Comparative study on density gradients and swim-up preparation techniques utilizing neat and cryopreserved spermatozoa.

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Bacterial contamination and sperm recovery after semen preparation by density gradient centrifugation using silane-coated silica particles at different g forces 

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The use of PureSperm, mini-Percoll and swim-up preparation techniques to separate spermatozoa with chromatin and nuclear DNA anomalies.

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Higher rates of recovery with PureSperm density gradient compared to ISolate

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A comparison of two density gradient preparations for sperm separation for medically assisted conception: Effect on recovery, clean-up, motility, and motion parameter.

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Comparison of Six Density Gradient Media for Selection of Cryopreserved Donor Spermatozoa

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