ZAND-AIR PCOC™3 air purifiers

PCOC™3 – Medical Laboratory Purification System Photo Catalytic Air Purifier

pcoc-3-unit The PCOC™3 is the ultimate fixed system for highly efficient air purification in medical laboratories, and other facilities, with extreme demands on superior air quality. The units are fitted directly into your ventilation system.

General Facts about the Technology:

PHOTO-CATALYTIC OXIDIZING (PCO) technology converts and neutralizes Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), odours, fumes, and toxic chemicals to benign water and carbon dioxide by-products. In chemistry, photo catalysis is the acceleration of a photoreaction in the presence of a catalyst. In catalysed photolysis, light is absorbed by an adsorbed substrate. In photo-generated catalysis the photo catalytic activity (PCA) depends on the ability of the catalyst to create electron–hole pairs, which generate free radicals (hydroxyl radicals: OH) able to undergo secondary reactions. Its comprehension has been made possible since the discovery of water electrolysis by means of the titanium dioxide – TiO2. Commercial application of the process is called Advanced Oxidation Process(es) (AOP). There are several methods of achieving AOPs that can, but do not necessarily involve TiO2 or even the use of UV. Generally the defining factor is the production and use of the hydroxyl ion.

pcoc3-3The Technology of the PCOC™3:

In our equipment we use a patented process to affix TiO2 to a solid substrate,  for this TiO2 to interact with UVC radiation at 253.7 nm  which has the advantage that this wave length does not get adsorbed by the oxygen molecules, thus does not create any ozone – O3 (tri-oxygen). Naturally occurring ozone in the atmosphere is converted by the TiO2 / UV interaction into normal di-oxygen (O2) or other ambient gases which then get converted to benign matter, including diatomic oxygen (O2) which forms 20.9% of our ambient atmosphere.

Increased Efficiency by Placing PCO Chambers in Sequence:

While the photo-catalytic process is very fast, the number of individual photo catalytic actions occurring in the PCO chamber are multiple and very complex.  The efficiency of this process is therefore increased by placing three such PCO chambers sequentially in a single frame, thus increasing the ‘dwelling time’ of the airstream through the PCOC™3 equipment. Placing several PCOC™3 units sequentially increases the dwelling time for the UV light interaction with the photo catalyst, thus multiplying the decomposition of VOCs and pathogens. GERMICIDAL ULTRAVIOLET LIGHT kills disease causing airborne virus and bacteria on contact. An advantage is that UVC radiation at 253.7 nm is germicidal, while not at its optimal peak strength, yet strong enough to attack the molecular structure of mould, spores, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens, detaching the oxygen atom out of the DNA/RNA chain of these live organic pathogens and thus preventing regeneration of these, rendering them harmless by repeated exposure to the PCO interaction. Using return air as part of the incoming airstream is thus aided in this cleaning process, as the return air already passed before through this photo-catalytic oxidation process.

Technical Specifications: PCOC™3

Dimensions: 25 15/16”W x 26 3/8”L x 23”H / 659mmW x 670mmL x 585mmH L = Length = Direction of air flow
Weight: 80 pounds, 36 kg
Max Air Flow: 1500 CFM 42.5 m3 / min Max Air Flow: 1200 CFM 34 m3 / min
Max Face Velocity: 625 FPM 190 m / min
Power: 220-240V/50-60 Hz/1.8 Amps 150watts or 220V/50Hz/ 0.9 Amps 150watts
Fuse: Replace only with AGC‐2
Catalyst: TiO2 210sq ft/19.5 m2
U.V. Range: 253.7 NM U.V. Range 253.7 NM
Power Consumption: 6 UVC lamps at 20 watt each = 120 watt/hour
Application: 2500 Sq. feet / 230 m2
Service: U.V Lamps‐every 12 months Service, replace Only with LTO 16 UV lamps. Filter – every 6 month.
Air Flow Resistance: 0.024 inches of water column = 5, 98 Pascal for a single PCO Chamber
Warranty: 2 year limited warranty on all components excluding lights and filter


CFM m3/m SP Pascal FPM m/s
2000 56.633 0.21 52.3087 578 2.926
1500 42.475 0.09 22.4180 432 2.195
1000 28.317 0.03 7.4727 288 1.463
900 25.485 0.024 5.9781 259 1.316
600 16.990 0.012 2.9891 173 0.879


CFM = cubic feet/minute
m3/m = cubic meter per minute
SP = static pressure
Pascal = Pascal
FPM = feet per minute
m/s = meter per second
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