PureSperm 100 sperm gradient

TGA Registration ID 125677PureSperm100

PureSperm ®100 is a sterile (autoclaved SAL-10-3) colloidal silica suspension in an isotonic salt solution. It is optimised for the preparation of density gradients for the separation and purification of human sperm for use in Assisted Reproduction Technologies (ART).

Features of PureSperm ® 100 Gradient:

  • Increases sperm survival time
  • Removes sources of ROS
  • Removes bacteria
  • Removes sperm with abnormal DNA
  • Improves cryo-survival
  • Improves yield and recovery compared to swim-up techniques

Safety and Quality:

  • Longest shelf life of commercially available gradients
  • Pharmaceutical grade packaging to maintain product quality
  • Terminal sterilization by autoclaving
  • Cleared by regulatory authorities around the world
  • Produced according to cGMP and ISO standards

PureSperm ® 100 stock suspension should be diluted with PureSperm ® Buffer to provide layers of different densities required for the gradient. For optimum results, the sperm pellet should be washed in PureSperm ® Wash. These three products together form an optimized system for preparation of sperm for ART.

Pack sizes and catalogue numbers:

100ml NI PS100-0100

250mlNI  PS100-0250

Preparation of Nidacon PureSperm Gradient