ZAND-AIR Filtration Products

zandairZander products have found their usefulness in dozens of Australian and international laboratories as well as flow ducts of air conditioning systems in hospitals and IVF centres. Zander filter systems effectively reduce a variety of odours and gases, including diesel fumes, food odours, hospital odours, paint solvent, VOCs and CACs, acid gases such as hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, and hydrogen chloride. There is a Zander filter system to suit the many applications relating to filtering air and removal of harmful VOCs and gases.

The range covers:


ZAND-AIR Model 100C

ZANDER portable air filtration units for IVF and assisted reproduction



For Pathology and Biochemistry laboratories

pcoc-3-unitThe PCOC 3

The ultimate fixed system for highly efficient air purification in medical laboratories, and other facilities, with extreme demands on superior air quality. The units are fitted directly into your ventilation system.

zand-200gsThe ZAND-AIR 200

Photo-Catalytic Air Purification System designed to be incorporated in new or existing construction and renovations to provide personal and laboratory environment protection against indoor air pollutants. The uniqueness of this product lies in its ability to clean and eliminate all VOC and CAC pollutants within the capacity of existing blowers and HVAC equipment.

The air purification process of using photocatalytic oxidation often works by using an existing air system that pulls air through an air conditioning unit (HVAC) which passes through the professionally installed ultraviolet light/ titanium dioxide chambers. As the malignant microbe filled ambient air circulates through these chambers the microbes are “attacked” by free hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, (created by UV light and titanium dioxide) breaking their cellular structure apart and destroying both the intracellular mass and DNA/HNA chromosomes. The result is harmless water molecules, carbon dioxide and detritus.
Photocatalic Oxidation