Oosafe ICSIPulator

Oosafe ICSIPulatorMicromanipulator for ICSI – suitable with most inverted microscopes models in the world


  • Perfect for inexperienced users in need of training practice as well as for professionals
  • Complete manual system, no coarse manipulator is required
  • Large movement range
  • Easy micropipette position at each time “MANUAL HOME POSITION”
  • Adjustable micropipette holder angle between 20° and 40°
  • Micropipette holder fixing knob reduces vibration and easy handling of the sperm
  • Easy installation and service
  • 3D Hydraulic Manipulation Joysticks for smooth movement
  • Pneumatic Air Injector for ICSI and HOLDING
  • No service required for injector
  • Same sensitive injectors on both sides and interchangeable if needed
  • Top quality for affordable price
  • Medical Device CE mark

Movement Range: X/Y/Z:  20 mm each, 1 mm for one complete turn of the handle

Oosafe® ICSIPulator All in One Kit , carry case with room for 5 different microscope connection bars

Oosafe ICSIPulator
Oosafe ICSIPulator

Pipette Setup Mechanism LEFT/RIGHT
Angle adjustment: 
between 20° and 40°

Oosafe ICSIPulator

Pneumatic Air Injector
Movement Range: 
15 mm

Oosafe ICSIPulator

3D Hydraulic Manipulation Joysticks
Joystick on X/Y Plane:
  2 mm max
Movement Range: X/Y/Z: 20 mm



All manipulators are packed inside security carry case with Oosafe® logo.

Oosafe ICSIPulator