VitriBlast & ThermoBlast for increased survival of frozen blastocytes

VitriBlast Kit

The cryoprotectants used for vitrification are a combination of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO), Ethylene Glycol, Sucrose and Ficoll. Nidacon’s VitriBlast ™ for cooling and ThermoBlast™ for warming, can be used with different types of vitrification-devices (cryo-loop, cryo-top and others).

ThermoBlast KitVitriBlast ™ and ThermoBlast ™ vitrification media optimised for blastocysts are based on well tested standard formulations (Lane et al). Since the formulations have been used considerably, Nidacon can provide you with a very detailed protocol for vitrifying blastocysts, just for your security.

Pack sizes and catalogue numbers:

VitriBlast Kit 3 x 10ml NI VBK-010
ThermoBlast Kit 4 x 10ml NI TBK-010