MPW 223e Centrifuge

MPW 223e is a modern tabletop laboratory centrifuge.

We have chosen this model as it is ideal for spinning semen. It has a swing-out rotor and buckets for 15 and 50ml conical tubes. It provides a clean separation when using our Nidacon gradients and leaves a clean sperm pellet in the tip of the tube. Other tubes can be spun if required.

The MPW 223e is a modern bench top centrifuge that incorporates a maintenance free brushless motor. Its structure guarantees easy service and safe work operation with auto lid lock during spin. The microprocessor controlled speed regulation provides uniform preselected speed regulation by RPM or G-Force.

LCD display indicates the actual performance of speed, time, and acceleration or deceleration. A short spin button allows for quick spins without setting the regulator.

Economically priced depending on bucket and insert configuration

Technical specifications

  • Motor 120 Watt
  • Speed 300-4000 RPM or 2320 G-Force
  • Timer 1-99 minutes
  • Compact bench top size 435 X 355 X 270 cm (footprint 43 X35 cm)
  • Weight 10.5 Kg
  • RPM and RCF indication
MPW 223e Centrifuge

Catalogue Number MP 10223e

Rotor and Bucket Options for 50 and 15ml conical tubes

Rotor Buckets Inserts Capacity
Hygienically sealed screw cap 4x50ML conical capped tubes

30/35x120mm L

4×50 ml
A rotor screw-capscrew-capscrew-capscrew-cap tubetubetubetube 50ml
MP 12183 MP 13184C MP 14189
Hygienically sealed screw cap 4x15ML conical capped tubes

17/21×120 mm L

4 x 15ml
B rotor screw-capscrew-capscrew-capscrew-cap tubes2tubes2
MP 12183 MP 13184C MP 142024
Plain un-sealed tube holders

Fit rotor MP 12183

4 x 50 ml
C rotor tube3tube3
MP 12183 Max 4 x 50 ML
MP 13266
8 x 15 ml
D rotor tube4tube4
MP 12183 Max 8 x 15 ML
MP 13247C