Cell-Tek Anti-Vibration Plate for Microscopy

CellTek Anti-Vibration PlateCellTek Anti-Vibration Plate

Our Cell-Tek anti-vibration plate for microscopes fitted with sensitive micromanipulation equipment is a standard component in our Cell-Tek 3000 IV microscope chamber for inverted scopes.

This plate is available as a useful vibration damping platform for any microscope.

Inverted microscopes come in varied shapes and weights. To accommodate the different weights of microscopes used in IVF and other reproductive technologies, the plate can be fitted with varying hardness degrees of rubber damping isolators. The range being from grades 2-5. (Where 5 being the firmest). The following chart will allow users to select a plate with range of isolators to suite their microscope.

As many inverted microscopes have 60% of the total weight at the rear if the instrument the front two isolators can be slid forward or back to better balance the overall weight so as to not over-compress the rear isolators.

CellTek Anti-Vibration Pad Selection Table

The plate dimensions are 500 X 325 mm and have a low working height of 20 mm.

Cat No. RD TD 3000IV PT